How to give great public speaking feedback

Woman speaking

If a friend or colleague is giving a speech they may want your feedback.  But what’s the best way to help? Get them to give the speech as they would for real Ask them to stand up and use whatever notes they plan to have with them on the day. If they are going be on […]

How to write jokes for a speech

‘Start with a joke’ is familiar and often good advice for speechwriting. But how do you actually write jokes for your speeches? 1) Decide on the kind of joke you want The first step is to decide on the kind of joke you want to tell. The most popular forms are one-liners and anecdotes. One-liners […]

How to write an office Christmas party speech

Christmas parties and meals can be a great bonding experience, but they’re also an opportunity for you to thank your team and motivate them for year ahead. A well planned speech can go down a treat. But where do you start? Think about the people you want to recognise Christmas is time of giving so […]