How to say ‘yes’ to speaking opportunities

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‘I don’t have the time’ ‘Someone in my team would be better suited to this’ ‘I don’t have anything to bring to the table’ These are just a few of the lies we tell ourselves (and others) to turn down speaking invites. The truth is being on stage is of enormous benefit to you professionally […]

How to give a brilliant scientific speech

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What makes a brilliant scientific speech? We’ve recently had the pleasure of coaching some early career researchers at Lyrical Science tasked with sharing their research with the general public and potential financial donors. Here are a few things we thought were really important  …. Start with a personal story If your work is interesting, you […]

How to give great public speaking feedback

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If a friend or colleague is giving a speech they may want your feedback.  But what’s the best way to help? Get them to give the speech as they would for real Ask them to stand up and use whatever notes they plan to have with them on the day. If they are going be on […]