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How to become an industry expert

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You know your industry inside out. But if you’re looking to get ahead it’s increasingly important you’re seen as an ‘expert’ in your field. How can you build this coveted public persona?

Have a keynote ready to go

You need a speech which says something new and exciting about your sector. It has to be surprising. Think about what would turn your head at a conference or make you stop scrolling on LinkedIn. This has to be well thought through, rehearsed and perfected. A decent keynote is your No.1 way of getting seen by decision makers in your industry.

Accept speaking invitations

If you’re lucky enough to have people knocking at your door, then don’t turn them away. Industry conferences, panels and podcasts are fantastic for getting your name out there. The more you’re appearing in front of people in your industry, the more interest there will be in you and what you’re doing.

Have a message for panels

If you’re asked to speak on a panel, make sure you know what point (or points) you want to get across. These should be consistent with your keynote and any other public proclamations you make. Obviously, it’s important that you answer the questions and interact with the other panellists but if you get the chance to mention that one thing you want to be known for – that thing that brings people to your door – then go for it.

Ultimately, becoming an industry expert is about becoming a go-to-person in your particular industry/niche. 

You need to start by letting people know you exist, you’ve got something interesting to say and build from there. 

Speaking (and being heard) is absolutely key!

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