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You Want To Step Up ...

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Conquer fears, build your confidence, lead your team and speak with authority.

Our Executive Coaching Package has been designed to get you exactly where you need to be with your speaking.

It is additionally tailored to ensure we overcome your personal speaking challenges and prepare you to ace your own opportunities (e.g. presenting to your board and/or keynotes).

‘I used to consider public speaking as something to be avoided but I now actually enjoy it.’

Oliver West, Simmons & Simmons

The Coach

Your coaching sessions will be led by our Director and Lead Coach James Evans.

Harnessing years of experience in public speaking, corporate training and coaching he empowers clients to overcome nerves and impress their audiences.

James has worked with senior clients from Deloitte, Google, E&Y, Apple and has coached multiple TED speakers.

He says ‘It’s so rewarding to see clients go from being a little unsure of themselves to being able to speak with authority and master this skill.’

‘James is a FANTASTIC speaking coach.’

Charlie Eyeington, Craft Brands

The Package

Executive Coaching Package

  • 10 x 1hr sessions.
  • Tailored curriculum built around your needs.
  • Can focus on dealing with nerves, speaking with authority, motivating teams and more.
  • Specific preparation for board presentations and/or keynotes.
  • Follow up e-mails and takeaway tasks to cement learning.
  • Constant e-mail and WhatsApp availability.
  • Takes place via Zoom around your schedule.
  • An action plan for continuing to build your skills.

‘100% whom you want on your side.’

Angela Campbell, VilCap Investments

Why Vensa Coaching?

Top-flight coaching

Want to work with someone who's had experience training CEOs and TED speakers? We've got you covered.

Genuine expertise

We take our work seriously and it's informed by a wealth of experience. You're in safe hands.

Targeted work

Say 'no' to three-day courses with five minutes of relevant info. Bespoke sessions provide exactly what you need.

Infectious enthusiasm

Training can be a dull half-day of PowerPoints or a profoundly enjoyable experience. Opt for the latter.

Ready when you are

We'll work around your schedule and fit you in - we're ready.

A sound investment

Whether you want to banish nerves or speak with authority, we'll help you achieve your goals.

‘Sessions are productive, fun and occasionally hilarious. Would definitely recommend.’

Tom Williams, Crossroads Real Estate

What Do Others Think?

‘I would highly reccomend Vensa Coaching.’

Nazia Mehbran, UCL

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By continuing to use our site you agree to this and our Privacy Policy.