Public Speaking

Public speaking can be hard ...

We know the idea of public speaking or being put on the spot can make people very nervous and even hold them back professionally.

Even if you can speak, you might feel you’re not at the level you need to be at.

So that’s where we come in …

Our one-to-one coaching sessions focus on exactly what you need to become a confident and captivating speaker.

Whether you need to overcome nerves, prepare for a particular presentation or simply want to up your public speaking game, we’ve got you covered.

‘I used to consider public speaking as something to be avoided but I now actually enjoy it.’

Oliver West, Simmons & Simmons

Our Coaches

Our experienced coaches employ a creative yet practical approach that gets results.

Drawing on their experiences as trainers, stand-up comedians and actors, they show clients how to overcome nerves and connect to their audiences.

Our team have worked with speakers from Google, Microsoft, Edelman, Deloitte, Barclays, Simmons & Simmons, Kensington Palace and TEDx conferences amongst others.

We will match you with the perfect coach to help you overcome your challenges and thrive as a speaker.

James Evans, our Lead Coach
talks about the value of public speaking coaching 

‘My confidence was on the floor … now I’m booked as a main speaker at an event later this year!’

Victoria Searl, We Are Data Hawks

What's Available

Single Session

Great for working on a particular speech/presentation
  • 1 hour session
  • Focus on a particular speech/presentation and get expert feedback
  • Follow-up email and takeaway task
  • Takes place via Zoom

Gold Package

Get exactly where you want to be with your speaking
  • 3 x 1 hour sessions
  • Curriculum designed around your needs
  • Can focus on dealing with nerves, honing your content and/or acing your delivery
  • Follow-up email and takeaway tasks
  • Takes place via Zoom

We also offer an Executive Coaching Package.

‘100% whom you want on your side.’

Angela Campbell, VilCap Investments

Why Vensa Coaching?

Top-flight coaching

Want to work with someone who's had experience training CEOs and TEDx speakers? We've got you covered.

Genuine expertise

We take our work seriously and it's informed by a wealth of experience. You're in safe hands.

Targeted tuition

Say 'no' to three-day courses with twenty minutes of relevant info. Bespoke sessions provide exactly what you need.

Infectious enthusiasm

Training can be a dull half-day of PowerPoints or a profoundly enjoyable experience. Opt for the latter.

Ready when you are

Whether you want to take it easy or need an urgent coaching session, we're ready.

A sound investment

Whether you want to banish nerves or sell your brand, we'll help you achieve your goals.

‘Sessions are productive, fun and occasionally hilarious. Would definitely recommend.’

Tom Williams, Crossroads Real Estate

What Do Others Think?

Think you might want to join them?

‘I would highly recommend Vensa Coaching.’

Nazia Mehbran, UCL

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By continuing to use our site you agree to this and our Privacy Policy.