The Basics

Every time your staff speak they represent you.
Give them the power to make an impression.

 We’ll organise one-to-one coaching sessions to upskill and prep your team. Our presentations expertise will make your slides more engaging and persuasive.  You’ll also benefit from unlimited phone and e-mail check ins.

We’ll level up organisation’s communications in the most important way. 

Contact us for a free consultation call and tailored quote.

We’ll include:

One-to-one in person coaching
Perfect for tackling nerves, developing pitching and presenting skills

Unlimited phone and e-mail check-ins
A great way to prepare for speaking opportunities without breaking up the day with a full hour session

Analysis of your presentations and speeches
Expert assistance crafting engaging and memorable talks

In-depth guidance and incisive yet nurturing feedback clearly draws on a wealth of real-world experience
Miles Pool, Zuhlke Engineering

Why Vensa Coaching?

We specialise in providing tailored public speaking coaching to motivated professionals and businesses keen to empower their teams. And what’s more, we love doing it.

Top-flight coaching

Want to work with someone who's had experience training CEOs and TEDx speakers? We've got you covered.

A tailored service

Say 'no' to three-day courses with twenty minutes of relevant info. Bespoke sessions provide exactly what you need.

Ready when you are

Whether you want to take it easy or need an urgent Skype coaching session, we're ready to hear from you.

Genuine expertise

We take our work seriously and it's informed by a wealth of coaching experience. You're in safe hands.

Infectious enthusiasm

Training can be a dull half-day of PowerPoints or a profoundly enjoyable experience. Opt for the latter.

A sound investment

Whether you want to banish nerves or sell your brand, we'll help you achieve your goals.

 allowed me to refine my content, streamline my presentation and prepare for a great delivery …”
Angela Campbell, Founder, Agora for Good

Free Consultation Call

Ready to step up your speaking and presentations?
Tell us what you need and we’ll set up a call.

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